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Composite Decks


Composite Decks

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Aside from wood decks, our service can also provide a selection of other decking options. This includes what’s known as a composite deck. Composite decks offer the best combination of visual appeal and durability. This is part of the reason why they are a popular choice. If this is the decking option that you are considering, we are the deck builder that can make it happen at your home. Our quality service can provide the composite decking that’s the perfect match for your home or any specific needs that you might have.

Composite Decks

We are the deck builder in Fort Worth that also specializes in designing and building composite decks. Composite decks are made a from a hybrid material, usually a combination of wood and plastic, that is designed to mimic the appearance of wood. This gives you all of the design appeal that wood decks offer, whilst also providing you with a wide range of additional benefits. Our team can build a range of composite decks to suit all homes and needs. So, if you are starting to feel like you need a new deck at your home, why not a consider the option of a composite deck.


Your deck has to face some pretty serious challenges. The combination of the outdoor elements, especially moisture and UV rays, and constant weight and foot traffic can really be lethal. If you want to make sure that your deck will last, the first step is ensuring that you choose a material that has the right level of durability. This is the reason why composite decks are such a great option. They offer an amazing level of durability, and they are built to withstand foot traffic and the other serious challenges that the outdoors can throw at your deck.

Cost Effective

Composite decks are also great from a cost effective perspective as well. In part, this is a result of the durability of the material, as this can help to reduce certain kinds of damage and wear and tear, reducing the amount of money that you need to spend on repair or other maintenance work. But it also goes beyond that. It’s also worth noting that, unlike a wood deck, composite decking doesn’t require additional maintenance work like staining or sanding. This decking option is also resistant to problems with both mold and rot, further reducing the cost of long term care.

Great For The Environment Too

As well as being a great addition for your home, choosing a composite deck is also great for the environment too. This is because the composite material used for this type of decking option can made of up to 95% recycled materials, both wood and plastic. This not only helps to reduce waste, but is also great because this type of decking is more sustainable than the option of a wood deck, whilst giving you a similar look, feel and overall design appeal.


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